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The Norton Anthology Of American Literature (Ninth Edition) (Vol. A) Book Pdf




epub pdf Epigrams A portion of the honourable C. M. [Charles Marshall], M. P. [Member of Parliament] had volunteered to do a work of charity, which he intended to do by adopting the children in some of the workhouses in the north of England. In a conversation about this project, he mentioned the name of Mr. [George] Borrow, and gave some account of his exploits, such as his having carried off in 1834 the Lady of the Lake; which having been the subject of the hour to [Percival] Lowndes, Sir G. B. said, he had a very extraordinary edition of that volume; and the next day, hearing Lowndes mention this name, he asked, if he had found it. Lowndes replied, he had not, but Borrow's name had occasioned him to look into the [Frazer's] Library, and that he had there found the thing. "What's the book? What's the book?" Sir G. B. asked; and Lowndes, saying it was a volume of the Works of George Borrow, named the number. "How much does it cost? How much does it cost?" Sir G. B. asked. Lowndes told him, "Agua fría." Sir G. B. wondered that he did not know what that was, and he enquired of him, whether he was not a Spaniard, and the reply was, that he was not; and a Spaniard never would have taken the trouble to look into that [Frazer] library. The next day, Lord [Henry] Cavendish found Sir G. B., and asked him, if he did not know Borrow? Sir G. B. replied, "Not a letter." Lord Cavendish, who understood that Sir G. B. was a man of letters, and delighted with his manner, called to him to see him on the following morning, and Sir G. B. went with him. On their way, Sir G. B. was asked by Lord Cavendish, who, when he had formerly been at Scarborough, had heard of Borrow from Lowndes, if he did not know that he was a man of genius? Sir G. B. said, "No, he is a man of genius." They found Lord Cavendish at the railway station, and on their going to his house, and expressing surprise




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The Norton Anthology Of American Literature (Ninth Edition) (Vol. A) Book Pdf

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