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Jennifer Foster

Joey's weekly hatha yoga classes have been a fundamental part of my health and wellness routine for the last seven years. Her superior knowledge of her craft; her positive, inclusive attitude; and her incomparable wit and wisdom are just a handful of the gifts of well-being she shares with each class,

and for those I am ever-grateful.

Mara Trokova

I truly appreciate my yoga sessions with Joey because you know she loves what she does and truly wants all her clients to learn and embrace yoga in a way that helps your body and mind heal. Joey has also helped me realize a few good habits that have further helped to foster a positive mental attitude in order to live a more fulfilling life with my family. I’m also always amazed by the enormous amount of effort Joey puts into every single class. She devotes many hours of her time preparing thoughtful lectures which align perfectly with each yoga session.  She’s also the only yoga guru you will meet with piles of notes filled with information she can’t wait to share with you.  I feel very blessed to have found Joey’s Yoga classes and look forward to attending many more in the future!” 

Susan Moffat

You inspire me because of your depth of knowledge of the body, your nutritional suggestions, your incredible delivery of instructions with your gentle, smooth, calming voice, your understanding that everyone has limitations within their own bodies and your consistent offers of appropriate options for each person’s ability as needed, you taking the time to write of what we will be up to on that day and the basis behind why we are practicing it, you taking the time to videotape these classes so that we can practice at home if we are unable to attend, your never ending positivity which flows into our bodies so that when we leave we look at life more positively which helps us nourish ourselves and others, and your sense of humour which allows us to lose some of our inhibitions.

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